Textured Stone

By Chelsea Evans, Furniture Artist at Apple Blossom Way in Salem, UT.

This piece needed some texture so I mixed in some corse sea salt and plaster of Paris into my base coat (black & bone) and went to town! 

I applied the chunky paint with a chip brush by dabbing it in various places and dragging my brush to add lines where I wanted them. 


After it completely dried, I fine sanded the entire piece so the texture wasn’t sharp. I then painted it in layers of Wise Owl Inkwell, bone, and sea salt. 


I glazed ghd the entire piece in van dyke brown to mute & merry the colors together. This gave the base an overall look that resembled the texture and tones of stone. 

The top was stripped down and stained with minwax classic grey and shaded with van dyke brown around the edges. 

The entire base is sealed with Wise Owl matte varnish and the top with lemon verbena salve to enhance the look and give lasting durability. 


Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesBest Faux-Luxe

Color Recipe

  • 2parts Wise Owl Black, 1 part Bone
  • 2 tbsp Sea Salt
  • 3 tbsp plaster of Paris
  • Tbsp water

Products Used

  • Wise owl black
  • Wise owl Bone
  • Wise owl Inkwell
  • Wise owl Sea salt
  • Valspar gel glaze tinted in van dyke brown
  • Minwax classic grey stain
  • Wise Owl matte varnish
  • Wise owl lemon verbena salve

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