Tea Rose Chest

By Lori in Longview, TX.

She looks so sweet and innocent, but she was indeed a beast! I had intended to do what I call "straight paint" and just let the beautiful color speak for itself. She was having none of it.....and so I just went with the flow. The color is Tea Rose by Dixie Belle - I'm going to call it 2 coats not counting the one I had to paint after the glue mishap. I made the appliques using IOD moulds and hot glue (first time I did that!). I painted and aged the pulls and appliques with Valspar Antiquing Glaze. They looked lovely and I slept well. The following day, I applied the appliques with contact cement (ergo the glue mishap I was speaking of). Let's just say there is a learning curve involved with contact cement. Over the next couple of days I top coated with 3 coats of General Finishes High Performance Satin and it was lovely! And then I started thinking.....wouldn't it be nice if the corners of the drawers were just a little aged? So I did...and it was not lovely and that is when I discovered I am not a master blender. Panic set in and I forgot everything I ever knew about everything.... there was a moment when I caught myself licking my thumb and trying to wipe stuff off like my Mom used to do to my face!  I finally just gave up and walked away....for 3.5 minutes because I am impatient and not a rational person. I got down to business and taught myself a new technique called "angry glazing". I am thinking "If it is glazing she wants.... it is glazing she will get (again, not a rational person)!!! I glazed vertically, I glazed horizontally and I then I glazed some more because I was angry at a piece of furniture! I was tired, she looked ok and I slept well. To seal the glaze I used Krylon flat crystal clear spray... just sprayed a few light coats and she was done. I am sure you can't tell but I am not a professional furniture painter. I just love trying new things and I tried lots of new things on this piece! I love the experience and I am not easily deterred! Take that pink lady!

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesMoldings & Appliques

Products Used

  • Dixie Belle Tea Rose
  • IOD Moulds
  • Valspar Antiquing Glaze
  • General Finished Satin Top Coat
  • Krylon Flat Crystal Clear Spray
  • Weldwood contact cement

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