Winner! Sheet Music Cabinet

By Switlana Long, Owner at Long Creations in Philadelphia, PA.

Winning Category

This beauty was given to me by an antique dealer. The original mahogany finish was cracking and peeling. The veneer was lifted and in some places gone completely. The original lock was broken and it had no key. I brought her home, cleaned her up really nice and sanded away. Removed all the gunk, filled the broken veneer, scrubbed her down and primed her. I added the large and 2 smaller appliques and drilled a hole for a new knob as well as new magnets inside to keep the door closed. I painted her with Timeless by America Decor and added Antique glaze for depth, finally sealed and up for sale.

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesMoldings & Appliques

Products Used

  • American Decor Timeless
  • Antique glaze

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