Winner! Segmented Lidded Cone With Finial on Stand

By Joe Haas Woodworking, Mr. at NA in Lake Geneva, WI.

Winning Category

This segmented cone is composed of walnut and hard maple rings with a segmented walnut top that includes an African Blackwood finial .  The cone sits in a segmented walnut ring with three matching African Blackwood legs.  A walnut ring in the body of the cone is matched and mated with the internal angle of the walnut ring attached to the three African Blackwood legs. The body of the cone is 8+" with a 3 1/2" finial for a total of 11+".  The cone walls are approximately 3/8" thick.  There are 185 pieces in the project that was made in 2018.  I am a hobbyest woodworker/turner and have never sold my projects.

Project Category

Wood TurningSegmented Turnings

Color Recipe

  • Clear

Products Used

  • General Finishes Seal-a-Cell Clear and Gel Topcoat wipe on Urethane Satin

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