Segmented lidded Box with Finial

By Joe Haas Woodworking, Mr. at NA in Lake Geneva, WI.

This segmented lidded box with finial was made in 2018 and is a combination of walnut, hard maple and African Blackwood.  The walnut and hard maple segmentsed box is approximately 11 1/4" tall and 7" in diameter at the widest point with a 2 1/2" African Blakwood finial.  The 132 segments were cut on a table saw using a jig that I built based on plans obtained on the internet and in woodturning magazines. Most of the rings are 16 pieces.  Each ring was glued and sanded before gluing the individual rings together.  The rings were assembled in managable groups for turning and shaping into aproximated 1/4" thick walls.  The walnut was sourced from a friends yard and and the maple and blackwood were purchased from wood suppliers.

The entire piece was sanded with 120 to 400 grit sandpaper and finished with several coats of General Finishes Seal-a-Cell Clear and Gel Topcoat Wipe on Urethane Satin.

I am a hobbyist woodworker/turner and never have sold my woodturnings.


Project Category

Wood TurningSegmented Turnings

Color Recipe

  • Clear/Satin

Products Used

  • General Finishes Seal-a-Cell Clear and Gel Topcoat wipe on Urethane Satin

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