Seahorse Cave

By Karolina Warzecha, Owner at Lolo’s Craft in Psarskie, PL

This piece of furniture was in really bad condition when I got it. Plenty of wood warm holes. I’ve done two dewarming treatments and cut the bottom part which was in really bad shape.

After sanding, fixing holes I made decors from clay. Borders are made from Prima moulds. 

Yellyfish and seahorse I’ve made on my one, shaping clay by my fingers to obtain shapes of animals. They are 200% handmade. 

 I’ve used layer painting technique. First layer of white paint second navy and green and Byzantine blue as  final coat. I’ve distressed paint by whipping wet paint with cloth.

for the finish I used two coats of clear wax and some patina with brown wax.

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesCoastal Love

Products Used

  • Vintage white Vittorino
  • Byzantine Autentico
  • Anglais Vert Autentico
  • Clear and Brown Wax Liberon
  • Prima moulds

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