Scandi-Geometric Sideboard

By Nicky Cash at Done up North in Leeds, West Yorkshire, GB

This 1950s vintage sideboard was a true labour of love with all the effort required to create the detailed design as well as completely update the exterior of the piece.

It started out quite a dowdy brown with not much style, but the shape of the piece, the drawers and the legs and the fact it was a neat, useful width really drew my eye.

I scuff-sanded the whole piece and applied two coats of Walnut Gel Stain over the top to give a deep glaze over the wood which worked beautifully and made a much more striking backdrop for the design. I painted the legs and edges in Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black. 

I was inspired by Scandinavian designs in a brochure I'd seen and set about plotting how I could do something inspired by that but on furniture. I plotted it out on paper so I had a design to follow and then it was created on the piece in in sections in turn using masking tape to create the shapes and stripes, with a stencil creating the spots.  

The original handles got an update with Hammerite metal paint in Smooth Black.

The whole piece was given three coats of High Performance Top Coat in Satin to protect it and make all the colours and the wood really glow. 



Project Category

Creative Combos (UK, Ireland, Europe)Creative Combos

Products Used

  • General Finishes Gel Stain - Walnut
  • Fusion Mineral Paint - Coal Black
  • Fusion Mineral Paint - Picket Fence
  • Fusion Mineral Paint - Little Lamb
  • Valspar - La Vida
  • General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in Satin
  • Hammerite Smooth Black

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