Salon Beauty

By Amber J., Co-owner/Artist/Glitter Expert at Sawdust & Glitter in West Jordan, UT.

When one of my very favorite people in the universe opened her own salon, she commissioned me to create the sign everyone sees as they enter to get pampered. I knew it had to be as unique and colorful as the person I was making it for. Since she also has male clientele, it wouldn't suit to have an overly feminine design, so I consulted with my husband. He constructed the frame and backing out of scrap wood salvaged from his father's garage after he passed away. He chose the pieces with the prettiest grain for me to enhance with Unicorn SPiT gel stain and glaze in Navajo Jewel and Blue Thunder, which was diluted to use as a stain. The frame is painted with full strength Unicorn SPiT in Midnight's Blackness. The metal letters were cut out of sheet metal, and rusted in a vinegar and salt water solution, I then added a custom Unicorn SPiT mix using Dragon's Belly and Zia Teal to give it a weathered patina. Once finished, we sealed it with several coats of outdoor oil-based Helmsman to protect it from the elements. A lot of love went into this sign for a person who gives so much love to everyone. 

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesSign Of The Times

Color Recipe

  • Patina:
  • 3 parts Zia Teal
  • 1 part Dragon's Belly

Products Used

  • Unicorn SPiT- Navajo Jewel, Blue Thunder, Zia Teal, Dragon's Belly.
  • Helmsman outdoor clear coat

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