Rural landscape dresser

By Karolina Warzecha, Owner at Lolo’s Craft in Psarskie, PL

Since I saw fabulous dresser painted with landscape, I became obsessed with painting my version. There was tiny, but very important obstacle, I had never ever painted any landscape or other painting----. So far I’ve painted only plain furniture! I had no idea where to start. I’ve browsed internet searching for tuts how to paint landscape and after few days of watching decided to start my work. 

Most difficult was painting realistic trees and cows, which I’m most proud.

This particular landscape is my freestyle copy of John Constable Wivienhoe Park Essex from 1816. You can watch original painting on web site in very high quality. So I could study original piece and try to follow shades and brush marks. Colors are mixed on my own with absolutely freestyle receipts. Blue sky is General Finishes Halycon Blue at top, and mix of Halycon Blue with white paint to obtains shades of sky in the bottom. Some parts of hills with Lime Green and mix of Lime Green with brown and yellow acrylic paint.

Top is finished with dark wax.

My work is not a transfer or wallpaper, I’ve painted every single piece by my brushes. From big one to the very tiny brush--.

Before beginning to paint, I sanded old varnish layers and washed olud dirt. Dresser had wood warms, so I had to deworm it twice with special liquid, using syringe and needle.

I used paints from General Finishes, Vittorino and Autentico. It’s finished with clear wax and patina.

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesThe Show Must Go On

Color Recipe

  • For sky I used original GF Halycon Blue at top. Lower parts are different mix of GF Halycon with white paint.

Products Used

  • Halycon Blue General Finishes
  • Lime Green General Finishes
  • Anglais Vert Autentico Vintage
  • Blue, yellow, brown, red, black and white Pentart Acrylic paint samples
  • Blue Jeans Vittorino
  • Clear and dark wax Liberon

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