Round Accent Chair

By A. Surless Redesigns, Owner/ Artist in MIDDLETOWN, NY.

I was not a fan of this chair at all, almost didn't take it... But as always, my mom was right (I'll never hear the end of that)!

I had acquired this chair from a friend of the family who was looking to downsize their business. And I can't believe I almost passed on it! Yes, it took many hours to see the light but when I did... let's just say it's sitting in my bedroom as we speak... And I like it so much, I've managed to keep the clothes piled ontop to a minimum! That says something, no?

I actually had plans to give it a nice coat of navy blue paint. But once I started sanding, I could not believe how gorgeous the wood was. I sanded (by hand) until I ran out of sand paper. I left it for the night and when I returned from the store, I took one look at it and decided to leave it as is. Now this is a big deal, usually I don't know when to stop! Gave it a wipe down with tsp and let dry for the night.  I returned the next day to seal with Annie Sloan's Clear Wax.

For the seat, I traced the inner edge on a piece of cardboard. I then traced the cardboard on a piece of plywood and cut and sanded for a snug fit. I used spray glue to secure a 1 inch foam to the plywood and covered with left over dropclothe.

Not only is it, in my opinion gorgeous but extremely comfortable to sit with a book on a snowy day!

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Upcycling Merit CategoriesSilverado Bench Seat And Chairs

Products Used

  • Annie Sloan Wax- Clear

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