The River

By Just Chic in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

This wood wall art has been handcrafted and designed with 1/2" inch strips of solid wood that have been individually dye stained into many different shades and colors. The mountains feature a purple hue created by mixing a 50/50 mix of Merlot and Blue Dye Stain. This was achieved by sanding back the Medium Brown Dye Stain before applying the purple mix. This technique was also used on the river and sky. We turned down the fluid and air nozzles on our spray gun and were able to get a starry night sky by using Snow White Milk Paint. If the dye stain was to vivid, we would add water to the mix. If it needed to be darkened, adding Ebony Dye Stain did the trick, The background features Green Dye Stain with touches of Medium Brown for shading. The snow-topped peaks is bare wood, glazed with Winter White Glaze Effects. The time and effort in all this coloring would make one mad. but it created such a beautiful piece of art. It has a distressed Lamp Black frame to draw everything in. We finished this piece off with 5 coats of Enduro Pre-cat Water-based Lacquer. The finish really does what it says and gives a deep clarity to all the colors.

Project Category


Products Used

  • GF Blue Dye Stain
  • GF Green Dye Stain
  • GF Merlot Dye Stain
  • GF Medium Brown Dye Stain
  • GF Ebony Dye Stain
  • GF Snow White Milk Paint
  • GF Winter White Glaze Effects
  • GF Lamp Black Milk Paint
  • GF Enduro Pre-cat Water-based Lacquer

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