Red Oak Restoration Hardware inspired Turned leg Table

By Boardmancowoodworks in Jefferson, GA.

This table started as a Christmas present for a wife from a super thoughtful husband!  It was done in a way only a husband can and I loved it!  A normal design consultation is around 1 hour start to finish in the shop, with this one though the husband was in and out in about 10 mineutes!  I was handed a photo of what his wife had pointed to in the store and asked to make it!  The true test on this table was less about the woodworking or woodturning and more about finishing for sure!  Luckily after speaking with Tom M. I had just placed an order for the General Finishes RTM line so I felt confident that I could get whatever color I wanted to with relative ease and I was right!  After a couple tries on some test boards I was able to shoot the client a text of the color for approval and it was ready to go!  

Project Category

WoodworkingTables & Desks

Products Used

  • RTM Stains
  • Enduro Clear Poly Flat

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