Poor Joe's Fresh Kitchen

By Elaine Carr in Mesa, AZ.

Poor Joe.  His kitchen was so outdated and blah.  He didn't even have a backsplash!  He would have liked to order brand new cabinets, a stone countertop and some new appliances, but his wallet couldn't handle it.  All seemed bleak!  But then, Joe's friend and companion, Elaine, an avid DIYer, read about General Finishes Gel Stain - Java.  She watched some Youtube videos and knew she could freshen up that sorry kitchen easily and on the cheap.  She also found an awesome product to resurface the countertop with.  Elaine can install a backsplash like nobody's business (she even has her own wetsaw) and one of the home improvement stores carried some white subway tile that was very affordable. Some stainless hardware to add some function and sparkle would be the final piece of the puzzle.  Joe and Elaine did some measuring, some planning, and finally some ordering.  All arrived at the doorstep and it was time to take action!

First step was the cabinetry.  Elaine followed the directions on the can of General Finishes Gel Stain and went to town.  The product was easy to use, gave great coverage, and looked incredible!  What a difference!  Elaine sealed with some polyurethane and then went on to resurface the countertops.

The countertop resurfacing was fun.  The original countertop was a sad and ugly taupe-ish formica with a burned area near the stove.  It was thrilling to cover it all up and to follow the process in the resurfacing kit.  After the final step - sealing with epoxy - the countertops were awesome!

Finally it was time to install the backsplash.  Elaine fired up the wetsaw and the backsplash went up lickety split.  The subway configuration was just what the kitchen needed to bring it current.

Elaine installed some brushed stainless cabinet hardware to add the finishing touch to the newly freshened space.  Poor Joe only spent about $550 total for everything that was needed for this project, but he still can't afford the new appliances.  That's ok because he hardly ever cooks anyway and will get those appliances later on.  Even then, he'll probably still go for takeout.  But he loves his kitchen now.

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Products Used

  • General Finishes Gel Stain Java
  • Daich Spreadstone Mineral Select Natural White
  • Daltile White Subway Tile

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