The Pink Pig

By Junk Drawer Diva in Lumberton, TX.

This vintage wardrobe was salvaged from Harvey (flood) It had some veneer damage, but still had great potential. First I gave it a good clean, then primed the outside with zinser 123 on the outside and zinser clear on the inside to keep the cedar visible. The veneer got trimmed and we smoothed the sides with putty. I used several (a hodgepodge really) of color and companies. I painted in a diamond pattern and used a blending technique with a bit of water to achieve a water color effect. I then lightly sanded for depth and light and dark waxed the entire piece. The transfer was added after a 24 dry time. It was purchased from iron orchids. 

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesStarry Starry Night – Masterpiece Transfers

Products Used

  • I used like 7 different colors. The bottom half is Annie Sloan for the greens/grays and lavender middle. The top half is Lowes flat and Waverly from walmart in various shades of pink

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