Winner! Patina & Rust Mid-Century Dresser/Console

By Rachel Gingold, Owner at Artistic Home Studio & Boutique in Alameda, CA.

Winning Category

Once in a while, its fun to try something different on a dull and worn piece of furniture.  Copper patina & rust paints from Modern Masters Metal Effects were used to transform the front of this mid-century dresser/console for a very unique finish.  GF Lamp Black MP and HPTC Gloss were used for contrast and style.  Instead of heading to the dump, this piece found a new home as a stylish livingroom centerpiece!

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesHotline Bling

Color Recipe

  • Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper Reactive paint & Green and Blue Oxidizing solutions, Iron Paint and Rust activator were used to create the front patina.

Products Used

  • Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper reactive paint & Oxidizing solutions
  • Modern Masters Metal Effects Iron paint and rust activator
  • Modern Masters Metal Effects Permacoat Xtreme
  • GF Lamp Black MP
  • GF HPTC Gloss

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