The Passionate Plum Armoire

By Sandi Zelkoff, Owner/Designer at Walnut Hill Decor in Buchanan, MI.

I seriously fell in love with this color and have used it many times, but my favorite is this Plum Armoire.

Starting with Plum milk paint for the base, I then added Black Indigo chalk paint creating a dark rich purple color like that of a Stanley Plum. Over that I added a dark glaze called Enhance which added more depth. White metallic paint was dry brushed here and there and lastly sealed with clear wax.

For the interior I wanted something sleek, sexy and very girlish!  Using paintable wallpaper for the back I applied lilac and then white metallic. The shelves were also done in white metallic. The interior doors are a blended combination of all three paints, lastly sealed with clear wax.

The Passionate Plum Armoire is a true 

                          “Bohemian Girl”

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesThe Bohemian Girl

Products Used

  • Plum Milk Paint- the Resl Milk Paint Co.
  • Black Indigo chalk paint- Velvet Finishes
  • White Metallic paint- Modern Masters
  • Enhance Dark Glaze- Velvet Finishes
  • Clear Wax- ASCP

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