Not Your Average Farmhouse

By Timber & Ash Designs in Grand Forks, ND.

With the Farmhouse fad and the number of DIYers at its peak I found myself in a unique situation of serving multiple clients while only building one piece of furniture. I rarely build the same item twice so having a detailed sketch or plan is not the norm in my shop. Usually I will have several sketches, sometimes rough CAD style drawings but never a full blueprint of what I will be building. For this project I decided to take the design aspect one step further and create reproducible plans along with a cut list so I am able to serve the weekend warrior or DIYer that would rather jump into a project by starting out on the build rather than spending hours designing the project.

The everyday farmhouse style furniture that every DIYer turned proffesional furniture builder is being built with low quality materials that in some instances give the rustic farmhouse look simply because of their quality. That is a story for another day but the reason I bring it up is to point out the fact that this console table could certainly be built cheaper if you are just looking at trying your hand at a new project or more expensive if you want to expirement with different looks and materials. For this specific build I chose to use poplar for all painted surfaces and maple for all stained surfaces. The biggest reason for choosing poplar is the paint-ability. Poplar and soft pine paint so much smoother than most any other species.

For this build the client had specific dimensions in mind to make it fit in their space. Because of that the barn door hardware that I chose needed to be trimmed slightly to make it fit. Luckily this was not difficult at all and can be done with a simple hand saw. 

This style is widely popular right now and a build like this can be done by a beginner with limited experience or an advanced woodworker that wants to use a variety of joinery methods.


Project Category

Products Used

  • Minwax Dark Walnut Stain
  • General Finishes Arm-R-Seal - Semi Gloss
  • Rustoleum Heirloom White

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