Winner! Miss Jocelyn Fancy Pants

By Whimsykel (Kelly), Owner at Whimsykel® LLC in Arcadia, IN.

Winning Category

Meet Jocelyn, otherwise known as "Fancy Pants!" She is prim and proper and oh so classy. One might say she's even a little sassy. She's definitely the bell of the ball in her rustic elegant teal, mint and coral tones. She brings an unexpected element with her checkerboard design, fabric lined drawers and bright turquoise highlights. She's sure to be treasured for years to come and passed down as a tried and true classy yet sassy vintage dresser.

I've added my Whimsykel® touches to create the perfect blend of Farmhouse and Whimsical. I think I'll call it "Farmsical" style. 

Blended colors of champlain, brook, homestead blue, azure, tuscan orange, english rose and coal black from Fusion Mineral® were used to create this fun Whimsykel® furniture piece. 

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesThe Show Must Go On

Products Used

  • champlain Fusion Mineral®
  • brook Fusion Mineral®
  • homestead blue Fusion Mineral®
  • azure Fusion Mineral®
  • tuscan orange Fusion Mineral®
  • english rose Fusion Mineral®
  • coal black Fusion Mineral®

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