Lamp Black desk

By Maja Komasa, MRS at ReLoved by Maja Komasa in Wągrowiec, PL

The desk caught my eye from the very beginning! Unusual legs, entirely of wood, solid ... other. The only thing that did not suit my style in which I wanted to finish this piece of furniture was the fronts of the drawers. And here, Marcin came to the rescue - he threw new hands with gold hands. For a long time I liked the combination of black and warm pine color. I like the most in a harsh condition, but it does not work. Every scratch, spilled drink, dust is visible. Wax does not change the natural color of wood, but it does not work as well as varnish, which is resistant to temperatures, mechanical and chemical activities and, most importantly, does not need to be applied again. Hence the decision - Flat Out Flat - the General Finishes varnish will be perfect - 4 layers! I put the drawer funds in a matching color wallpaper, I secured it with varnish. New knobs, black and white and gold. The chair to the set has been thoroughly cleaned, painted.

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesLittle Black Dress

Products Used

  • Lamp Black, Milk Paint
  • Flat out Flat

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