Winner! Lady Chinoiserie

By Jolanta Tomaszewska designer/owner at Joly Thomas Home in Konstancin-Jeziorna, PL

Winning Category

My favorite style Chinoiserie I decided to move to a plywood chest of drawer 


Chinoiserie style


it was the domain of the eighteenth century, where, due to the commercial merger between East and West, fascination with the Orient exploded.

He inaugurated this fashion of Louis XIV at his court, which later mastered the whole of the Old Continent, also reaching Poland thanks to King Jan III Sobieski and developed by Stanisław August (Łazienki Królewskie in Warsaw).

From the art of this period frivolous rococo emerged.

Chinoiserie has become a hit of this period. A luxury reading was to decorate your home with expensive hand-painted furniture and wallpapers.

Chinoiserie style furniture was characterized by an extremely smooth surface for which a very expensive lacquer was used. It is not surprising that due to the cost of painting in this way, furniture became the equivalent of a valuable jewel.

For stylization I used the Chineese Art theme which I painted by hand.

 This motif contains a limited number of elements like a tree branch,leaves and flowers suspended in the air.

The color base is turquoise and blue (Fleur Paint chalky look) which blended with a brush and sponge to create a shading.

I obtained the texture on the drawers using a saltwash mixed with blue paint.

When the base color was ready I started shading Gf glaze by introducing colors from the darkest black pitch to the next distraction witth,solar bile and orange.

In the composition of my furniture on the countertop and bottom of the dresser,I applied red and black so that the very Chinese elements could blend freely into the contemporary and western interiors.

In selected palaces I used a two-component cracking praparation to get the effect of old age.

I decorated the sides of the dresser with handmade sculpture.

I wanted a lot of shiny layers pretending to be Chinese enamel and I used varnish effect to give it a shine.

I made the handles by combination pressed elements from clay and brass wheels. 

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesThe Show Must Go On

Color Recipe

  • 1 part fleur paint-Malaysia Blue
  • 1 part fleur paint-Capetown Blue
  • 1/2 part fleur paint-Vanity Blue

Products Used

  • Saltwash
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Malaysia Blue
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Capetown Blue
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Vanity Blue
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Lucy in The Sky
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Malmo Green
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Primary Cyan
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Banana Cream
  • Fleur Paint chalky look- Grandma Green
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Chrome Oxide Green
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Pretty Balerina
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Cherry Lips
  • Fleur Paint chalky look-Love in Portofino
  • Glaze Effects -Yellow Ochre
  • Glaze Effects-Red Sienna
  • Glaze Effects-Burnt Umber
  • Glaze Effects-Van Dyke Brown
  • Glaze Effects-Pitch Black
  • Renesans Varnish Glossy
  • Renesans Varnish Crackle
  • Daas-Sculpting Clay
  • Milk Paint GF-Black Lamp
  • Barocci stensil

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