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By Marie Webster at Chic and Shabulous in Thurles, TA, IE

Winning Category

The cabinet was transformed by adding a pine board cut to size, with  wooden trim added to the edges this was attached with shelf brackets and dowel. The lattice on the cabinet is covered with mdf and builders caulk used on the edges. 

The base was cleaned in methylated spirits, sanded and primed in bin primer, the top of the cabinet sanded to bare wood then the body and back of the piece was painted in 2 coats of the coastal blue:Persian blue mix 4:1.

When dry I blended Persian blue seagul gray and driftwood with a foam brush and water spray until I was satisfied with the look. Topcoated with hptc flat.Hardware was sprayed Matt black.The cabinet top was stained with unicorn spit, black, white, blue and green blended until desired results achieved.

The mirror was made from a picture frame the design stencilled with acrylics in navy and then some acrylics in grey, leaving gaps for the mirror, viva mirror paint over the entire glass and sealed with Matt black. The frame was sprayed Matt black. 

The entire interior is painted in Persian blue:coastal blue mix 4:1

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesSecondary Purpose

Color Recipe

  • The navy is a mix of
  • 4 parts coastal blue
  • 1 part Persian blue
  • Blue for inside drawer and cabinet
  • 1 part coastal blue
  • 4 part Persian blue

Products Used

  • GF coastal blue, Persian blue, driftwood and seagul grey. Hptc flat
  • Mirror and hardware; viva mirror paint, acrylic paints, stencil rustoleum Matt black spray paint.
  • Unicorn spit white, black, blue and green

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