Industrial Sleek

By Jeff Davis, Owner at Real Faux Decorative Finishes in Greenwood, IN.

So what do you get when you mix marble with rusted iron? That's what I'm calling industrial sleek! I just love how these two elements combine for an unexpected yet beautiful finish. The aprons of this table were created with Modern Masters iron paint and rust patina, the rivets were added to enhance that industrial feel. The legs are Setcoat black with bronze stain & seal sprayed on to create an umbre look. The top has a Setcoat neutral white base with glazes of fauxcreme white, black, yellow ochre and ultra marine to form the veins in the marble. The rusted basketweave is created with the same Modern Masters iron paint and patina. The whole piece is topcoated in GF High Performance Flat with the iron getting GF flat out flat.

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesBest Faux-Luxe

Products Used

  • FE Setcoat Black
  • FE Stain and Seal Metallic Bronze
  • FE Neutral White Setcoat
  • FE Aquacreme Glaze
  • FE Fauxcreme Color White
  • FE Fauxcreme Color Black
  • FE Fauxcreme Color Yellow Ochre
  • FE Fauxcreme Color Ultra Marine
  • Modern Masters Iron Paint
  • Modern Masters Rust Patina
  • GF High Performance Flat
  • GF Flat Out Flat

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