Green Hulk

By Wanda McKenna, Mrs at Monkey Décor in Navan, MH, IE

It’s not always easy to find a piece of furniture with very specific dimensions and it took me a while to source this very narrow and long sideboard for Aleksandra’s new home. For this project I decided to try new Fusion Mineral Paint in Park bench and play around with tho shades of green. I mixed my own darker version of park bench and just layer paints one at the time to achieve the deepth. I then used Polyvine scumble mixed with Lamp black and applied as a glaze. All had beed varnished with GF high performance varnish.

This sideboard arrived in Aleksandra's new home just in time. Few days later she gave birth to her baby girl. Perfect combo :)

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesThe Show Must Go On

Color Recipe

  • I have darkened part of my fusion paint with various pigments but i did not tracked how much and what exactly have I used

Products Used

  • Fusion Park Bench
  • Polivine scumble
  • various pigments to darken Fusion
  • GF Lamp black
  • Fusion bronze
  • GF high performance varnish

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