Winner! Goldgeous!

By Eliana Roseberry, Owner at Why Not Redesign in The Colony, TX.

Winning Category

A new master bed/bathroom addition in a 6 million dollar house in Dallas!  What? They asked me to come help? 

The contractor found me via my Instagram account and gave me a piece of tile trim the designer and homeowner liked and wanted me to make a sample board that looked like it.  That was my test!   

When we met again, not only did I make a sample board look beautiful, but I made it an exact match in the colors of the piece of tile and got the job! Whoop!   I mean in a 6 million dollar house this outta be good right?

Well, the 2300 sq. foot bed/bath edition had the most beautiful new cabinetry and I went to work! 

First I applied Sherwin Williams bonding primer which I had tinted in the closest color to GF driftwood that I could find, next was one coat of Driftwood Milk Paint, followed by 2 coats of Modern Masters Gold, 2 coats of HPTC satin and toned down by GF pitch black glaze effects; finally 2 more coats of HTPC and voila.... Goldgeous they are!

Customer was so happy, I also painted the 18 ft. fireplace to match, and ended up painting all the cabinetry in the 600 sq. ft. closet; then moved on to glaze pretty much the entire house and painted cabinetry in 6 of the additional 8 bathrooms, because yes, there are a total of now 9 with the new master addition.

Oh, and I am working on furniture for them now and they also have recommended me to new clients!  -- 

Goldgeous paid off and looks amazing, I hope you agree with me. 

Project Category

Color Recipe

  • 1 coat driftwood, thinned down to a 90/10 mix as product was sprayed
  • 2 coats Modern masters metallic gold, 80/20 thinned out with 10%extender and 10% water, sprayed

Products Used

  • Sherwin Williams primer bonding in color match driftwood
  • General Finished Driftwood Milk Paint
  • Modern Masters Gold Metallic Gold Rush paint
  • General Finishes High Performance Top Coat
  • General Finishes Pitch Black Glaze Effects

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