Gentleman's Dresser Circa 1940

By Alice and Jerry Goble, Owner and Furniture Artists at Bentwoods Studio in Arvada, CO.

We feel in love with this antique dresser, circa 1940 with its small tie drawer and beautiful lines. We found it at a local antique shop in Denver.

Several of the drawers were missing their slides and there were some slight repairs on the dresser structure. The finish was old, dark and hid the beautiful wood grain we suspected under the old finish. After stripping the entire piece, we could see that the old wood was gorgeous.

I love how the Dye Stains color wood differently, dependant on the original wood. It's like Christmas to apply this product and then watch the magic! In an attempt to refresh and modernize this lovely old dresser, we used GF dye stain. The drawers and dresser side were finished with GF Cherry Dye Stain; the top, drawer trim and feet were stained with GF Dark Brown Dye Stain and the body was dyed with GF Amber Dye Stain.

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesRoll Out The Burl-El

Products Used

  • Citristrip
  • GF Cherry Dye Stain
  • GF Dark Brown Dye Stain
  • GF Amber Dye Stain
  • GF Semi-Gloss High Performance Top Coat
  • sand paper, mineral spirits, denatured alcohol, rags and love

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