French brocante dresser

By Karolina Warzecha, Owner at Lolo’s Craft in Psarskie, PL


My top aim here was to paint a dresser to look like old antique straight from French brocante. Old

antiqe cover with time marks, used by weather and time.

This French like drawers dresser was whole covered with wood warm holes. For the beginning I had to sand old layers and dewarm it twice and wait two weeks to start with painting. 

When it finally came to painting I’ve started with light green and covered it with dark green and distressed with wet cloth. Then I’ve put some black stamps from Prima. It was a disappointment, they were missing on a dark green pain. So I decided to try somethings else. I’ve painted lighter green in places targeted for stamps. It was it! Stamps were looking good and obtained very vintage look.

At the end I waxed whole piece with clear wax (two layers) and brown to obtain shades and patina.


Project Category

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Products Used

  • Vintage White Vittorino
  • Anglais Vert Autentico Vintage
  • Green Vittorino
  • Clear and brown wax Liberon
  • Dark grey Vittorino

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