Faux Mercury Glass End Tables

By A. Surless Redesigns, Owner/ Artist in MIDDLETOWN, NY.

So anyone ever instantly regret buying a piece to flip but youv'e traveled too far to go home empty handed? That's right... This girl, with this set!

We drove almost an hour away to pick up this living room set for a client that was redecorating their living room. It seemed as though the pictures posted were from when they first bought the set... Couldn't be too bad. It was after dark when we had picked it up so the next day was fun when I got a closer look at the pieces! The glass was slighting cloudy and scratched and the frame bent and coming apart at the seams. 

So I took a deep breath (thtough my mask, of course) and started sanding the metal frame with a sandpaper to give the paint something to grip to. Although it took many hours, I started seeing some hope for the set. I then reinforced all of the seams with JB Weld.

While the JB Weld was setting, I thoroughly cleaned the glass. And tested out the Rustomleum Mirror Effect Spray Paint on an piece of glass from an old picture frame. 

I found that spraying the glass with a spray bottle of vinegar prior to applying the Mirror Effect and wiping excess was the best way to acheive the look of mercury glass so I did just that on the back of all glass panels. I decided I wanted a smokier look so I sprayed a mist of matte black over it. Once I was happy with the results I let dry and focused on the metal frame. 4 coats of matte black paint later... I was done! 

I must say I surprised myself with this one! This projrct taught me to step out of my comfort zone once and a while and just goes to show with the right outlook and some patience there is potential in everything!


Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesBest Faux-Luxe

Products Used

  • Rust‑Oleum 267727 Specialty Mirror Spray 6‑Ounce Silver
  • Rust-Oleum Matte Black Spray Paint
  • White Vineagar
  • JB Weld

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