A family silver plate tray saved for more generations

By Mollie Gieseman, Owner at Mollie Geeez! in Swan Point, MD.


A famiy silver plate tray was wearing off and could not be resilvered. To save it I decided to paint it with AS Lem Lem and Provence along with three metallics: silver, antique copper and royal gold. I used Aloha Coatings Pearl Plaster with stencils to get an embossed effect. I created a crazed effect on the back with a stencil and antique copper. After layering and sealing as I went along I was pleased that the tray was sealed and could be used for many more years. Bravo!

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesHotline Bling

Color Recipe

  • a family tray saved

Products Used

  • Provence and Lem Lem Annie Sloan paint
  • Minwax Polycrylic
  • Folk Art metallic Royal Gold and Antique Copper
  • Various stencils I have used in the past
  • Aloha Coatings Pearl Plaster
  • AS Wax and paint brushes, small old detail artist brushes

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