Elegant Vanity in Mint & Fluff

By Candace Stuckey, Owner/Artist at Casually Southern in Hartsville, SC.

Up to the Challenge, I applied an undercoat of shellac with slight distressing in mind to give the beautiful original mahogany finish a chance to reveal its glory in part from days gone by. As I waited for the shellac to dry I mixed a custom blend of Dixie Belle paints in Vintage Duck Egg, Mermaid Tail, and Cotton. The paint went on the entire piece as smooth as icing and dried to a beautiful aquamarine shade of green with some accents in a white named Fluff.

The insides and outsides were then taped in preparation for stripes to be applied in Fluff, also from Dixie Belle. In a effort to paint crisp perfect lines I applied a coat of the base coat color over the tape to prevent any oops moments.  Everything coming along nicely and on schedule, I patiently waited while sipping on a freshly brewed cup of french vanilla hazlenut coffee, my java of choice. Two coats of Fluff had been applied over the taped off areas and with bubbling excitement, I was ready to reveal perfect alternating lines in aquamarine and white!

Second coat still slightly wet, I began to pull the tape when my heart melted. To my horror some of my basecoat had been removed by the tape to reveal that mahogany finish in splotchy bits. Oh my, it was defeat! I realized my mistake of not slightly scuffing the base coat of shellac to give the paint a good base to adhere. So out came my paint scraper and with each upward scrape all the painstaking time to paint, tape, paint, and paint some more was being erased.

Quality, is found in a job well done with the proper preparation to the piece, no matter what the finish. After the last scrape to remove the final chips of paint a smooth sanding gave the vanity just the right preparation to receive the paint in a way that would stick! Once again I found myself on this journey of painting, taping, painting, and more painting only this time I knew it would be as perfect as I had hoped it would be the first time. Alas! This time when the tape was removed, alternating perfectly crisp lines were revealed causing this artist to beam with confidence. 

Every painting opportunity is a journey and a challenge I enjoy. By nature, no two pieces exactly the same create a new and exciting canvas each and every time. I successfully applied my most favorite top coat in satin by General Finishes to completed this Aquamarine and Fluff beauty, not by chance but by perseverance and a positve attitude. My inner artist fullfilled, and complete in a job well done. Until next time!

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesThe Show Must Go On

Color Recipe

  • Dixie Belle Paints
  • 0.8 oz Mermaid Tail
  • 5.2 oz Cotton
  • 2.0 oz Vintage Duck Egg

Products Used

  • Dixie Belle paint in Cotton, Vintage Duck Egg, Mermaid Tail and Fluff
  • General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in Satin
  • Frogtape
  • Wooster brush
  • Zibra brush
  • Dixie Belle round blue foam topcoat applicator

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