Drawers for Days

By Karie Bogart, Flipping Fabulous Salina, Co-Owner at Flipping Fabulous Salina in Salina, KS.

This beautiful burl was hidden under layers of gross varnish & oils. We were excited to bring it to life.

Painted in GF Lamp Black & sealed with High Performance Satin, this Finch Fine Furniture Company buffets real focal point is the stunning drawers!

I love reading cool facts on woods & researching furniture history. Wood burls are like the diamonds of forests, so when we find veneer that is burled (typically, burled wood was made into thin sheets of veneer because they are expensive), we definitely try to preserve it! The "flame" pattern of grain is revealed when a trunk or heavy branch with two forking branches is cut through its collective center. It is highly prized veneer cut from just below the fork of a tree. I love seeing the precision it took for woodworkers and fine furniture builders to line those up and create beautiful designs.

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesRoll Out The Burl-El

Products Used

  • GF Lamp Black
  • GF High Performance Satin
  • GF Wood Conditioner
  • Tung Oil
  • GF Arm-R-Seal

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