By Josh Stotler, Owner/Luthier at Oak Creek Guitars in San Diego, CA.

"Desperado" is a western themed custom six string electric guitar. The body and neck are cherry with a hand aged pine top. Real Winchester 45 colt casings inlayed in the fretboard, Remington 12 gauge shells for the volume and tone knobs, hair-on hide pickguard and hardware that is rusted to perfection, "Desperado" is a tribute to the wild west. I sealed the grain with Stewart MacDonald ColorTone waterbase grain filler. I then sprayed 30 coats of Dupli-Color "Paint Shop" gloss clear coat lacquer applied with an Apollo Sprayers Power 3 system. After curing, I sanded the body and neck starting with 300 grit sand paper and finishing with a 2000 grit wet sand. Buffing was done on a Stewart MacDonald buffing arbor with 14" Domet cotton wheel and fine grade Steward MacDonald buffing compound. I ended by giving the instrument a soft polish with Stewart MacDonald Preservation Polish.

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  • Dupli-Color "Paint Shop" Gloss Clear Coat Lacquer

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