Day Dreaming Cherubim Antique Dresser and Mirror

By Royal Reincarnations, Owner/ Designer in Rosenhayn, NJ.

This dresser and mirror arrived with many missing wood accents. To start, I began by remaking all of the missing pieces. Next I painted the dresser with Sherwin Williams Tri-Corn Black. I wanted to do something different with this dresser and decided to find the perfect picture to compliment this elegant piece. I chose Raphael's Sistine MaDonnas cherubium.  Using GF Vintage Cherry Dye Stain I stained all exposed wood grain. The detailed reddish grain is reminiscent of a beautiful sunset; there to remind you of brighter days! I used Copper Leaf to accent all of the wood details and carvings. Individually placed Swarovski crystals were tastefully added to the decorative trim and drawer fronts. I used GF HPTC to seal ensuring a lasting finish!

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesDecoupage

Products Used

  • Sherwin Williams Tri-Corn Black
  • GF Vintage Cherry Dye Stain
  • Copper Leaf
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Poster of Cherubs

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