Winner! Curiouser & Curiouser

By Josh Stotler, Owner/Luthier at Oak Creek Guitars in San Diego, CA.

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Curiouser & Curiouser is an Alice in Wonderland themed acoustic guitar. The body back and sides are wenge with a maple top. The neck is comprised of 150 alternating pieces of wenge and maple. With extremely detailed inlays depicting Alice's descent down the rabbit hole on the fretboard and an ash silhouette of Alice herself on the back, Curiouser & Curiouser will surprise you at every turn. I sealed the grain with Stewart MacDonald ColorTone waterbase grain filler. I then sprayed 45 coats of Dupli-Color "Paint Shop" gloss clear coat lacquer applied with an Apollo Sprayers Power 3 system. After curing, I sanded the body and neck starting with 300 grit sand paper and finishing with a 2000 grit wet sand. Buffing was done on a Stewart MacDonald buffing arbor with 14" Domet cotton wheel and fine grade Steward MacDonald buffing compound. I ended by giving the instrument a soft polish with Stewart MacDonald Preservation Polish.

Project Category


Color Recipe

  • Dupli-Color "Paint Shop" Gloss Clear Coat

Products Used

  • Dupli-Color "Paint Shop" Gloss Clear Coat Lacquer
  • Stewart MacDonald Preservation Polish
  • Stewart MacDonald Buffing Compounds (Medium & Fine)

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