Cedar Carrot and Cucumber Planter Box

By michaelmills09 in Irvine, CA.

I made a cedar planter box specifically with carrots and cucumbers. I researched the proper spacing needed for carrots and the depth needed. I added the back steel mesh wall as well to support the cucumber plants. I started out with 1x4 resawn cedar and had to trim it to size using a table saw. After all of the boards were finished to a true 1x4, I cut them to length. After cutting them I sanded the front and back faces to give a smooth finish and chamfered the edges. I build the box and then attached the mitered top using kreg pocket holes (with outdoor rated screws). I sloped the floor and left a small gap in the center for water drainage. I then used a antiweed plastic wrap to allow water to drain and solid plast around the edges to reduce water damage. I decided to leave this unfished as I like the aged cedar look (grey).

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