Burl Occasional Table

By KT Lyons, Owner/Designer KT Lyons Design, Maple Grove, MN, Owner/Designer at KT Lyons Design in Maple Grove, MN.

This small table boasts an enormous amount of beauty!  The unique shape for starters.  Not square, not rectangle, not oval, but it’s own unique shape.  The subtle turquoise color melts into every inch of the detail.  The glaze overlay coats the turquoise perfectly, enhancing the smallest of details.  The top of this table is nothing short of incredible.  The burl wood will stop you in your tracks!  The tones and richness of the wood is breathtaking!  It is the icing on top of the cake.  Truly a breathtaking piece!

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesRoll Out The Burl-El

Products Used

  • Clark & Kensington Turquoise
  • Glaze Medium
  • GF Arm R Seal Oil base Polyurethane
  • GF HPTC Satin Polyurethane