Boho Blue Side Table

By Rachel Gingold, Owner at Artistic Home Studio & Boutique in Alameda, CA.

This old writing table / side table was getting thrown out after an estate sale, because it had been poorly painted in a dark brown house paint.  After a bit of sanding, we decided it neeeded a complete Boho makeover!  Starting with Coral Crush, then Patina Green, and finally a mix of Klein Blue, Coastal Blue & Patina Green, it was completely distressed and transformed.  We replaced the old wood knob with a shiney cup handle from D. Lawless Hardware.  Now it is much more fun!

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesThe Bohemian Girl

Color Recipe

  • Blue mix: 2 parts Klein Blue, 2 parts Patina Green, 1 part Coastal Blue (approximately).

Products Used

  • GF Coral Crush MP
  • GF Patina Green MP
  • GF Klein Blue MP
  • GF Coastal Blue MP
  • GF HPTC Satin

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