Winner! The best powder room ever!

By Mollie Gieseman, Owner at Mollie Geeez! in Swan Point, MD.

Winning Category

I converted a vintage sewing machine into the sink and storge for our powder room. I had the sewing machine in storge for many years for just this purpose. The sewing machine was not with the cabinet. A copper sink was ordered through ebay.  A plumber installed the plumbing. I took it to its current repurposing.

The top and drawer frames were painted with the paint black paint mix. The FM Ash was too dull for the pop I wanted. I made the mix so it was black but muted. I used the black paint, Royal Gold and Antique Copper paint in layers on the original drawer pulls, the wood appliques, the original raised wood embellisments, the front of the iron legs and stencils on the top.I also put the check paper in the bottom of the drawers. I put GF  Java Gel Stain on all the wood surfaces which added a wonderful depth to the wood. The whole cabinet was sealed with four coats of Minwax Polycrylic. I sanded with a sanding sponge that had various grades of grit. There is a lovely mixed metal bee charm placed in the middle of wood applique which is  glued on the spectacular decoupaged Courtly Check napkins from Mackenzie Childs. The check napkins are such fun I put them on the bottom surface of the drawers.The basket was placed on the foot pedal to hold 5 rolls of toilet paper.

The powder room is where I display a frog collection from years of collectiong and gifts. The round  iron stand holds clean hand towels and the basket holds used towels. Each basket is marked as well as greeted by two of the many frogs in the room. There is a small mirror that is embellished with the metallic paint for our yourngest grandchildren and a faux copper mirror for the taller folks.

Sometimes I stand and look at the sewing machine/vanity and wonder what is going to happen if we move again!! It is so admired that I will just do it again.

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesSecondary Purpose

Color Recipe

  • Fusion Mineral Paint - Ash
  • Benjamin Moore - Black Satin Interior enamel
  • 2/3 Ash
  • 1/3 - BM Black

Products Used

  • Custom mix of black paint
  • Black and white check and Paper napkins from McKensie Childs
  • Folk Art metallic Royal Gold and Antigue Copper
  • Various stencils I have used in the past
  • Artist wood appliques and a mixed metal bee charm from Hobby Lobby
  • Minwax Polycrylic
  • various brushes I have had for a long time
  • sanding sponge with various grit

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