Beach Wash Blended Dresser

By Laura Johnson-Hernandez, Owner and Design Artist at Designs by Laura in South St Paul, MN.

This little dresser was the perfect piece for this coastal beach wash blend.  I painted the body a mix of Halcycon Blue and snow white.  I started with the darkest color Klein Blue and added snow white in for different batches with more white as in each batch.  I bottoms of the drawers than worked my way up with each of the color mixes, took a spray bottle of water and lightly sprayed and brushed colors together until I got the perfect coastal blend.  

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesCoastal Love

Color Recipe

  • 1 part Halcycon Blue : 1 part Snow WHite
  • 1 part klein blue : 10 parts Snow White
  • 1 part klein blue : 1 part snow white
  • 1 part halcycon blue : 4 parts Snow White
  • Snow White
  • Klein Blue

Products Used

  • GF Klein Blue
  • GF Snow White
  • GF Halcyon Blue
  • GF HPTC Satin

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