Barn Red Beauty

By Candace Stuckey, Owner/Artist at Casually Southern in Hartsville, SC.

A custom Barn Red Dixie Belle painted table is all that my client requested. As the finished painted piece sat in my studio, AKA "my kitchen", I could not allow this piece to leave and go on to live in its new home in this plain jane state.  I contemplated what to do as a business trying to satisfy the customers request and meeting my needs as a furniture artist. After much thought, I decided to search the web to find pictures painted in this exact color but with a twist. That twist I'm talking about is a little Pitch Black glaze from General Finishes!  I sent my friend some beautiful pictures representing what could be done to her ho hum piece. I offered to provide this glazing technique at no additional charge then left the decision up to her.  She was over the moon excited about the possibilities and gave me the go ahead to transform her table from picnic attire to scorching red hot date night attire with bling.

I had never used Pitch Black from GF before but I thought how hard could it be? Brush on wipe off, Right? Well, it took me 3 tries of repainting that barn red table to achieve the finish I envisioned. The final finish is applied using a 50/50 mix of glaze and water, brushing on in small full length sections and wiping away with a damp cloth immediately upon finishing each section. I then feathered out the smears created by the cloth with a dry chip brush to create nice even brush strokes throughout. Finished by top coating with GF HPTC in Satin using a sponge applicator. Needless to say my friend was estatic when she saw her sofa table in all its glory. Can't wait to glaze my next piece!!

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesLady in Red

Color Recipe

  • Dixie Belle
  • Barn Red

Products Used

  • Dixie Belle Barn Red
  • General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in Satin
  • General Finishes Pitch Black Glaze

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