Aubergine Landscape

By Wanda McKenna, Mrs at Monkey Décor in Navan, MH, IE

Can there be a better mix of colours than aubergines, purples and gold?

This little bureau was spotted by Judith , my lovely customer, and it was my job then to make it extra special. The inspiration for it came from Alex Gold Art works and I thought it would be perfect to make this little piece pop. I used multiple custom mixes of purple from warm tones inside to cooler tones on the outside with gold leaf running along and merging them all together. I used GF Linen to brighten up deep purples and add shading. Everything was then varnished wit GF satin.


Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesHotline Bling

Color Recipe

  • Thai saphire - little greene 1 part
  • AS emperors silk 2 parts
  • plus different amounts of GF Linen to brighten up colour
  • plus thai saphire 1 part to 3 parts of AS emperors on the inside

Products Used

  • Thai Sapphire - little greene
  • AS Emperors silk
  • GF Linen
  • GF primer
  • GF Satin varnish
  • Gold leaf
  • Gold wax

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