1936 Lane Cedar Hope Chest

By Melissa Krycerick

Winning Category

When I found her the description read "antique box" on a popular sale site. Her veneer was dry, broken, pieces of her were missing, her lid was ruined and more than half of the veneer on the bottom trim was gone. I didn't think I could restore it. My client saw her and had to have her but she wanted me to restore her and not paint. I cleaned, sanded, and oiled her up. Her lid had to be completely stripped as did the bottom trim piece. I removed two layers of veneer on the lid and all over the remaining veneer on the bottom trim to the raw cedar underneath. I blended Vintage Cherry and Medium Brown dye stains together and got a successful match to the original remaining veneer. She looks amazing now, restored to her former glory.

Products Used

  • Vintage Cherry Dye Stain
  • Medium Brown Dye Stain

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