Uncle Dom’s Design, Culver Indiana

Co-Owner at Uncle Dom’s Design in Culver, IN.

My boyfriend and I started our business after he left his retail sales position. While he was looking for a job that he felt passionate about, I suggested we try flipping some furniture in the mean time, I had previously done a couple of small pieces for myself and always loved taking a piece that someone considered junk, and making it into treasure!!! We got our first piece, repaired, sanded, stained and painted it into a beautiful piece that sold the day we listed it....since then we have taken several different painting classes to learn new techniques so we can bring styles to our clients! My boyfriend Matt had no woodworking experience, but he wanted to be able to build furniture and repair it so he started reading old woodworking books and watched hours of YouTube to learn how..he has successfully built numerous pieces, even designing and building from his own plans!!

We named our business in honor of Matt’s grandfather Domenico Parisi. And Uncle Dom’s Design was born...

We have been at this for 1 year and we continue to learn and grow with each new project we take on!

We pride ourselves in properly refinishing antique furniture, we respect the way furniture used to be made and we honor that by ensuring our pieces are repaired in a manner that will ensure  the piece not only looks beautiful, but will last for another 50+ years!!!

Matt let’s me have all the fun of picking the colors, stains and overall design elements of the piece. As you will see with most of our pieces I do not shy away from color!!! I Love using decorative paper, and adding the finishing touches with beautiful hardware to really highlight the piece. I also enjoy making decor to match the pieces we do.

Our pieces started to gain interest and we soon had clients inquiring about us giving a new look to pieces they already owned! It’s the best feeling to deliver a piece and see the client fall in love all over again with a piece that has been in their family for generations.

We are excited to see what the next year brings as we continue to chase after our dream of making a clients house a home one piece at a time...furniture, decor and more, from our home to yours....


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