Tracey Cardenas

Tracey's Treasures of Southampton in Southampton Township, NJ.

I’m Tracey Cardenas, owner and self-proclaimed “painted princess” at Tracey’s Treasures of Southampton. Located in Southampton, New Jersey, I work out of a home-based workshop here at our new little slice of heaven in the Garden State. I started this venture of my life in late 2016, but must admit that I have always had a passion for breathing new life into things that are outdated or may otherwise be discarded or thrown away. I believe this passion comes from two of my grandparents. Both of them, in their own way, help to instill in me the passion not only for finding that perfect hidden treasure, but once found to embrace it’s inner beauty and restore and recreate it into a special piece that can be enjoyed for generations to come once again. I offer a wide range of custom services. I paint mostly with chalk paint in a variety of styles and color combinations, including working with clients to achieve custom colors and designs. I absolutely love the craftsmanship of the past, working with real wood and bringing back a piece of furniture long thought to be “beyond its time”. I love to mix other mediums in my designs, such as raised stencils, fabric and my newest passion decoupage. This is my story, these are Tracey’s Treasures!

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