House of Aalia - Aalia Sange

Owner at House of Aalia in Decatur, GA.

For as long as I can remember, I've appreciated older, well-built things. I have fond childhood memories of touring old landmarks, visiting antique shops in Savannah and Atlanta, and appreciating the history behind pieces, places and people. Dovetailed joints, hand carvings and solid wood piec es have always been my favorite furniture features. I've also been conscientious of recycling and reusing whenever possible. With little ones at home I wanted to decorate my home in a way that represented me, but within a limited budget. It made perfect sense to re-imagine vintage and antique pieces of furniture so that they would work in my space, yet have the strong, solid foundation of furniture meant to be appreciated and to last.  As I began decorating and painting I started creating pieces for family and friends. The more I created the more it felt like art, not work. I was encouraged to paint pieces on a broader scale; thus, House of Aalia was born.

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