Shades of Stain

By Keri

Winning Category

This Drexel 1957 dresser was found along with a matching full bed for $100 at a garage sale.  I hauled it home and gave it a good bath from years of sticky kid fingers and sanded it down.  I didn't prime this one and later learned the hard way of how old wood can "bleed" after you seal it.  I painted the body  in GF Seagull Gray, used a gray, whitewash, and a brown stain on the drawers and sealed it with GF High Performace in satin. Upon sealing, the old stain/wood tanins started to "bleed" through the clear coat!!! I had to resand, PRIME, paint and seal all over again......crisis averted the 2nd time.....whew! Major headache and learning curve.....she is so pretty.  I split the set and use them in different rooms, this fits perfect on my living room wall. Hardware is from Hobby Lobby and Menard's.

Project Category

Products Used

GF Milk Paint in Seagull Gray
GF High Performance in Satin
Various shades of stain

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