Wine Bar Boost


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Previously painted beige, my small wine bar was bland. Beige cabinets beige walls..YUCK. The white with soft gray was a huge improvement, however a white counter top left something to be desired. I needed something to tie it all together and give it a pop. I dediced to strip the wood (plywood) and stain it. Working with pine and giving it a rich look can be tricky but not with GF products. One coat of pre stain conditioner and one coat of yellow dye stain was the foundation for a rich warm wood grain. I used a total of 3 layers of medium & dark brown dye stain to give depth to the wood color. Finished this with 3 coats of Arm-r-Seal top coat. 

Project Category

Products Used

Pre-stain conditioner
Yellow Dye stain
Medium & Dark Brown Dye Stain
Arm R Seal Top Coat

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