Seahorse Chic

By Marc James at The Blue Fallow

Winning Category

 Being an older piece I was worried about some bleedthrough  so I covered the entire piece with some satin enduro-var urethane.  Hope it works! The colors on this we're pretty interesting.  I used milk paint! I started with a Queenstown gray base coat. I covered the lower portion of the chest and other areas that needed some darkening with a mixture of coastal blue and the green patina. I highlighted certain areas with persimmon and then did a thinner wash over the whole piece with a mix of patina green, halcyon blue, and Klein blue. The chest features wall coverings from Spoonflower that have seahorses and orange algae on them. Overall a super fun project! Hope you like it!

Project Category

Products Used

Persimmon milk paint
Queenstown gray milk paint
Patina Green milk paint
Coastal blue milk paint
Klein blue milk paint
Halcyon blue milk paint
Enduro var urethane

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