Boudoir Chic

By Beverley at Revamped in Drogheda, LH, IE

French, boudoir chic for that little bit of glamour.

This solid pine tall boy was painted in an off white chalk paint, with a subtle amount of distressing on the edges back to the natural wood. The stunning design of the patisserie large transfer was patiently applied to the front of the furniture and sealed with HP Topcoat. The pine top had been sanded back to it's natural beauty prior to painting and was left as it is for a complimenting contrast to the design on the drawers. The top was also sealed with HP Topcoat for durability and daily use.

The original wooden knobs were no longer suitable for the new design, so new black and white ceramic droplet knobs now adorn the furniture to complete the look.

A fresh and crisp french chic design for today's modern home.


Project Category

Products Used

GF HP Topcoat
AS Chalk Paint
IOD Tall Patisserie Transfer

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