Old buffet given a second chance!

By F. Yates in VA.

This piece was in MAJOR need of love and attention! It took me about two weeks from start-to-finish, involving elbow grease, sweat, a few frustration tears and I'm not going to lie, my hands ended up bloody a couple of times. I ended up chipping off all of the veneer on the top and sides (exhausting!), using a hair dryer to get some of the stubborn glue off, then I sanded, sanded and sanded it some more. When it was finally ready for paint, I primed it then layered it with GF Milk Paint. I did a base coat in Snow White and then added two top coats in Basil.  After I finished painting it, I distressed it and sealed it twice with GF High Performance Top Coat in Satin. This was the first piece I painted with GF Milk Paint, and I fell in love with it!! All of the frustation and hard work paid off because it turned out so beautiful in the end!

Products Used

GF Snow White Milk Paint
GF Basil Milk Paint
GF High Performance Top Coat in Satin