2017 Contest Winners

Thank you to all who participated!


There were many amazing artists who submitted multiple entries in the contest. If you were someone who won multiple categories, our team of judges selected your highest ranking win to count as your one win. This way, more people can enjoy prizes!


Mad Scientist Custom Color Mix (Popular Vote):
1st place: Peacock Dresser by Janelle Goodie
2nd place: Boho Chic Chest by Katie Clemente
3rd place: The Perfect Turquoise by Coleman Houseknecht

Mad Scientist Custom Color Mix Runner-ups:
Swan Lake Dressing Table by Tessa at Room Thirteen
Crushin on Coral Dresser by Sarah Copeland
Rockin’ Retro Teal by Claudia Whitcraft

Anything Goes:
1st place: The Lioness by Amanda Renfro Dillon
2nd place: Otomi Clock by Marc James
3rd place: Point Me In The Right Direction by Trudy Spooner

Anything Goes Runner-ups: 
Custom Blended Eastlake Dresser by Becky Herrmann
Ash live Edge Coffee Table by Jarred Fedor
Circle of Love by Tammy Schultz

Bling It On U.S.A:
1st place: “Abstract Gold Leaf” Credenza by Susan Tuthill
2nd place: Bombay Chest & Mirror in “Hammered & Aged Copper” by Mark DeRemer
3rd place: The Eclipse by Cindy Collins

Bling It On U.S.A Runner-ups:
Modern Metallic Dining Set by KFCreativeDesigns
Metallic Magic Jewelry Box by Melissa Flippin
Isn’t She Lovely by Julee Smith

Cabinetry: Paint or Stain:
1st place: Cabinets by Finish Pro by Louis
2nd place: Let’s Lighten It Up by Boutique Unique
3rd place: Centery Farm/Farmhouse Update by Kimberly at 400 Rustic Station

Cabinetry: Paint or Stain Runner-ups:
Glam Kitchen by Metamorphosis Design
Classic Chic Kitchen Makeover by The Rustic Seahorse
Thrifty Designs Java Gel Stained Kitchen by Thrifty Designs

Country Chic:
1st place: Farmhouse Charm by Debbie
2nd place: Shabby Chic Antique Dressing Table by Vicki Zaleska
3rd place: Winter White Antique Cabinet by Missy

Country Chic Runner-ups:
Chippy Goodness by Rusted & Rescued
Textured Farm Table by Fresh Paint
Modern Farmhouse Sofa Table by Julia Harrison

1st place: “May Angles Guard You Through The Night” Bed Frame by Barbara Hansen
2nd place: Ode to Breanna by Jeff Davis
3rd place: ‘Mariah’ Peony Dresser by Tracy Lee

Creative Runner-ups:
Cedar Chest by Ashley Olson
The Ocean Awaits by KT Lyons
The “Oops” That Turned Out Better Than The Plan by Lisa Vassallo

DIY Hobbyist Upcycled Furniture:
1nd place: French Country Farmhouse Glam Dining Room by Jennifer Ann Favata
2nd place: Soft Blue Dresser With Flower Stain Top by Tanya Cross
3rd place: Coastal Chic by Robin

DIY Hobbyist Upcycled Furniture Runner-ups:
TV Cabinet by Jill
Mahogany End Tables by Michele
Driftwood Side Table by washburn_morning_wood

Dye Stains:
1st place: Mossy Oak by Sandy Roe
2nd place: Ladies Vanity by Furniture Art Studio
3rd place: Redesigned Hepplewhite Tall Boy by Jilian

Dye Stains Runner-ups:
Land of the Midnight Sky by Just Chic
Stained Chair by Elena Isaykina
Burl Wood Desk By Denise Beatty, Owner/Designer at Designs by Dee

Jiving with Gel Stain:
1st place: Antique Buffet by Katie & Co. Furniture Restorations
2nd place: Vintage Double Highboy by Reloved by Lori
3rd place: 1800’s Sideboard by J&P Designs

Jiving with Gel Stains Runner-ups:
Roaring 1920s Era Dresser in Driftwood & Refinished Veneers by Jennifer Cahill
The Timeless Tiger by Courtney Cole
Empire Beauty by Laura Clark

Masterpiece Transfers:
1st place: “Circe” Antique Depression-Era Dresser by Diane Llewellyn Grover
2nd place: Gypsy Queen by Honey Do This
3rd place: A Little French by Kayla

Masterpiece Transfers Runner-ups:
Lady of Shalott Table by Lori Holdread
Alice in Wonderland Desk by Barbara Boyles
Rodeo Champ By Rhonda Dracoulis, RK3 Designs

Mid-Century Modern Makeover:
1st place: Coral & Grey Mid Century Geometric Tallboy//My First Ever GF Project by Door Thirty Four
2nd place: MCM ——— by Karie Bogart
3rd place: Coastal Blue MCM Console by Jen Green

Mid-Century Modern Makeover Runner-ups:
Black + White Colorblocked Mid-Century Dresser by Lee
Mid-Century Geometric Design with Antique White by April Hyde
Modern Majestic Masterpiece by Jean

Pre-made Unfinished Furniture:
1st place: A Book Cabinet to Remember by Alisha
2nd place: The Tardis! by Allison Bandt
3rd place: Turquoise Transformation by Julee Smith

Pre-made Unfinished Furniture Runner-up:
Illuminated Bookcase by SJ Price

Repurposed To A New Use:
1st place: Island Spice by Kristen
2nd place: Breakroom Barrels by Mike Reddy
3rd place: French Provincial Masterpiece by Rebekah Parmer Wilson

Repurposed To A New Use Runner-ups:
Record Player Turned Bar Cabinet by Jessica Wollin
Farmhouse Nook by Cindy
French Spool Table on Wheels by Terrys tweaked tiques

Smashing Shades of Gray:
1st place: “The Queen” by Q Uitta Allen
2nd place: Ornate and Elegant Linen Cabinet by Beverley
3rd place: MCM Seagull Grey by Homewithally

Smashing Shades of Gray Runner-ups:
Greige Desk by Chris Swearingen
Seagull Gray Baby by Maja Komasa

The Classics: Black or White:
1st place: Antique China Hutch by Carrie Buchholz Stevermer
2nd place: The Crooner Chest of Drawers by Vanessa
3rd place: Elegant Secretary Desk by Royal Reincarnations

The Classics: Black or White Runner-ups:
Indonesian Buffet by Alexander Fraire
Vintage Carved Dresser by Julie Donovan

European Treasures:
1st place: Antionette by Patricia Devlin
2nd place: Ginko Biloba Elegance by Wanda McKenna
3rd place: The Writing Blues by Emporium K


1st place: General Finishes Gel Stain Refinish By Nicole D, Dolce Mira
Runner up: Got Furry Wood? By Cheri Bandt, Owner at Said Your Way Studio in Auburn, IN.


1st place: Book Matched Live-Edge Sequoia Dining Table Finished With ARM-R-Seal by Ryan Hubbard
Runner up: Distress and Glazing with Glaze Effects: By Mike Reddy, All Access Adaptations


Conventional Edge Bowls:
1st place: Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl by Philip Wilson
2nd place: Ambrosia Delight by Chris 

Turned and Carved Surface:
1st place: Ginkgau by Bob Rotche
2nd place: Event Horizon by Michael

Beginning Wood Turners:
1st place: Live Edge Oak Bowl by Ethan McCrary
 2nd place: Cheese Knife with Celtic Knot by Davenport's Handmade

Youth & Student Wood Turner:
1st place: Buckeye Burn Winged Bowl by Todd Halleman
2nd place: Beech Wood Trio Set by Charlie Hamilton

Conventional Natural Edge Bowl:
1st place: Contrast in Color by Cory

Conventional Spindle & Legs:
1st place: Mallet by Kreg Hamburger

Turned, Carved & Embellished Spindles & Legs:
1st place: Baseball Bat by Justin Fiaschetti 

Segmented Wood Turnings:
1st place:    Vortex by Pete Marken
2nd place: Segmented Mini Bat by Clayton Mitchell

Hollow Vessels With or Without Lids or Finials: 
1st place: Ebonized Florida Cherry / Live Oak Final by Kent
2nd place: Hollow Vessel Finial and Base by Sonny Gibson

Lidded Boxes:
1st place: Black Egg by Bill Ooms

1st place: Ebony and Amethyst Dip Pen by Manda Mercure

Small Turnings:
1st place: Amflora by David DeCristoforo
2nd place: Emerge by Darren Throop

Decorated & Embellished Surface:
1st place: Acoma Strong by Michael Alguire

Creative Finish Color: 
1st place: Earth on Fire by Ric Taylor


Chairs & Benches:
1st place: Flow with a Flair by Erin Tootsie Judd
2nd place: Curly Cherry Rocking Chair by Dallas Gara

1st place: Tribute - Neck Through Hollow Body Guitar by Mike Poorman
2nd place: Elysian Guitars Espada 6 String Guitar by Adam Bath

Youth & Student:
1st place: Reuleaux by David Awerman

1st place: Federal Inspired Cellarette by Nicholas J.V. Vanaria
2nd place: White Oak Map Chest by John Avolio

Tables & Desks:
1st place: Suspension Table by Stephanie Lunieski
2nd place: Curved Walnut Wall mounted Hall Table by John Harryman

Wood Carvings & Sculpture:
1st place: Hibiscus Flowers In Bloom by Derek McDonald
2nd place: Woodcarving by Edgar WK

1st place: Tree Life Wall Display by Warren Snow


Seaside Watercolor Buffet by BJ Butcher Massa
China Cabinet Revival by Blue Cottage Studio
Creamy Smooth Dresser by Jana Morrison
Coastal Blue China Cabinet by Finn + Bo
Bookshelf Turned Modern Farmhouse
Stanley Dresser by Copper Elm

There you have it - the winners of the 2017 General Finishes Design Challenge! Again, Winners will be able to claim their prizes via an online form on September 13th to allow time for programming the website. We will post notices when the the prize claim link is live!

Please also take a moment to thank all of our wonderful judges, who put in so much hard work and effort to bring you these results. Another HUGE thanks to everyone who participated and entered in this year’s contest - all of the entries were outstanding!